22 Design Considerations For Your Industrial Property

Tampabay  /   November 30, 2016

Ultimately, companies build new facilities for a few different reasons, some of those include: increasing facility output and efficiency, reducing operating costs such as production or warehouse operations, and to enhance customer service levels. While the specific layout and functional aspects of each design varies, one fact remains: a thoughtfully designed industrial facility that is well run and efficient will stand out as a profit multiplier to its operator, delivering profitability and scalable capability as its reward.  Skip the details during design phase and you could end up owning or leasing a facility that is a non-starter out of the gate.

Here is a sample list of some important physical design requirement questions industrial facility users should raise during the design phase. Consider incorporating this list into any client discovery sessions your designer conducts with you during programming and design discussions related to your new industrial facility.

1. What is the optimum ceiling height of the facility?

2. Do you know what the required live floor loads and racking point loads will be in your facility?

3. What is the optimum layout for inbound and outbound shipments, handling, and storage (i.e., double-load, linear dock, cross dock)?

4. What are your specific dock equipment requirements?

5. How many loading doors are required, what will the dock level and grade level/ramp be, and what dock sizes are optimal?

6. What specific work safety requirements need to be incorporated?

7. Is there a defined specification on that includes lighting intensity?

8. What type of facility lighting is preferred?

9. What are the optimum column grids throughout the facility?

10. How many trucks do you expect to have on site at peak times?

11. What are your external physical security requirements (i.e., security cameras, fencing, gate systems, guard huts, etc.)?

12. What are the internal security requirements (i.e., conduits for security system installation on including cameras, card readers at specific entrances, etc.)?

13. What are the sprinkler requirements?

14. What type of lift trucks will be used in the facility?

15. What are the specific charging/refueling and maintenance requirements?

16. What is the minimum electrical service requirement for your operations?

17. Do you require cooler, freezer, vaults, FRP paneled rooms or any other specialized product storage spaces within the facility?

18. Do you require any storage outside the facility?

19. Any specific utility, recycling, or refuse disposal requirements?

20. Is a specific communications infrastructure required for the property or within the building?

21. What separate staff facilities are required in the warehouse (i.e., restrooms, showers, locker-rooms, lunch rooms, first aid rooms, etc.)?

22. What are the operational requirements for shipping/receiving offices, driver recep on areas, etc., within the facility?

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