Florida Trade and Logistics 2030 | Florida Chamber Foundation

Tampabay  /   July 7, 2022

Florida Trade and Logistics 2030 | Florida Chamber Foundation 

The Florida Chamber Foundation released their Florida Trade and Logistics 2030 study to share a series of target outcomes that support Florida’s mission to become a top 10 global economy by 2030.

Florida’s Trade, Logistics, and Manufacturing Overview

Trade, logistics, and manufacturing opportunities can be grown and integrated into every locality in Florida. The state’s effort to grow these three industries has the potential to generate 300,000 net new jobs by 2030 “paying 20% more than the statewide average for all industries”. Between Florida’s drive to propel it’s economy forward, an extremely advantageous location, and the anticipated population influx remaining top of mind, state leaders are quickly putting plans in place to make these opportunities a reality. Florida's Trade, Logistics, and Manufacturing Sectors        

Source: Florida Chamber Foundation | Florida Trade Logistics Study 2030 


This study dives deep into the crucial initiatives Florida will be prioritizing to create jobs, increase wages, and strengthen its global standing.

Florida’s Key Economic Opportunities

    1. Move more freight and goods to meet business and consumer demand efficiently and reliably.
    2. Make more high-value goods for consumers and businesses in Florida, the Southeastern United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, and beyond.
    3. Multiply the impacts of trade, logistics, and manufacturing jobs throughout Florida’s economy.


To read more on how Florida plans on becoming a trade and logistics global powerhouse, download the full report below.


Download the full Florida Trade & Logistics 2030 Study prepared by the Florida Chamber Foundation here. 


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