Buyer Representation

Our goal is to convert our market knowledge into a client advantage, providing the best creative solutions to take advantage of current market conditions and opportunities.

The key to successful Buyer Representation is knowledge – knowledge about the client’s business plan, operational issues, funding, employee base, and more. At Tampa Bay Industrial Advisors, we combine our dedication to each client’s interests with our thorough understanding of the Tampa Bay area, as well as our knowledge of the economy and current real estate trends. Then we go to work.

After understanding our clients’ objectives and issues, we begin the following process:


We carefully asses your company’s specific facility needs and preferences.


We survey all of the properties that fit our clients’ initial facility requirements taking into account current market trends, submarkets and other logistical issues. We then compile this information in a highly customized, concise, easy to analyze and understand format complete with pricing, floor plans, site characteristics and other selected information about each individual property.


We tour the properties that best fit the clients’ needs based on the preliminary information included in the Market Analysis.


Based on the Site Selection tour we formulate an offer on the most suitable property. We believe that the best decisions are made when we have good, robust, and quality information. With that in mind, we track all market transactions as they happen and provide up to date information to all of our clients in order to make informed decisions. With over 20 years experience we are also very well versed in how to creatively close a transaction, in the event a typical closing is not possible.


After coming to terms on an offer we will meticulously monitor the due diligence period with important dates, contacts for due diligence inspections and recommendations based on information from third party contractors.


If needed, we can recommend attorneys or closing agents that we have done business over the last 20 plus years. It is important to have the right team around you to successfully close a commercial real estate transaction.


We provide ongoing market data, updated market rate comparisons as needed, and lease abstracts.

The Tampa Bay Industrial Advisors Team is proud of our reputation as energetic and respected buyer representatives and corporate real estate advisors. Our goal is to create a transaction that is economically beneficial to our client as well as making the transition as smooth as possible with as little business interruption as possible.

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