Landlord Representation

Our goal is to convert our market knowledge into a client advantage, providing the best creative solutions to take advantage of current market conditions and opportunities.

The key to successfully leasing Industrial real estate is knowledge – knowledge about the market conditions, potential tenants, submarket trends, client’s goals, lease comparables, and more. Our team combines our dedication to each client’s goals with our thorough understanding of the Tampa Bay market, to successful lease any property that we put our name on. Our process starts by defining our clients’ goals:


We carefully asses your strategic goals associated with leasing your portfolio.


We meticulously track all of the industrial real estate leases that occur in the market and share all of this information with our clients. This allows us to properly price the property based on the most recent completed ‘market’ deals and current available properties. Together, we walk the client through our very thorough analysis and review the data in an effort to arrive at a solid pricing structure.


As the market changes our marketing campaign adapts. Our difference is that we use the most cutting edge marketing practices while combining the long-lived basics of getting out on the street. Our four-step marketing process includes Consistency, Responsiveness, Being Proactive and producing Quality Materials. We believe in a PUSH marketing campaign that continuously makes the market aware of any availability. We actively pursue tenants by phone calls, emails, direct mail and personal visits rather than waiting for the phone to ring.


Our clients are already informed of all market transactions so when an offer is generated our clients already fully understand market pricing. Our job is to sign a lease with the most qualified Tenant, at the highest possible rent, in the shortest amount of time. As needed, we have been responsible for collecting any tenant improvement quotes so that our client has a clear understanding of the costs involved with getting a deal done. We believe that our ability to creatively figure out how to close a transaction separates us from our competition. With over 20 years of commercial real estate experience we have structured deals in many ways to effectively achieve our clients’ goals.


If needed, we can recommend attorneys or contractors that we have done business with over the last 20 years. It is important to have the right team around you to successfully close a commercial real estate transaction.


We provide ongoing market data, updated market rate comparisons as needed, and lease abstracts.

The Tampa Bay Industrial Advisors Team is proud of our reputation as energetic and respected landlord representatives and corporate real estate advisors. Our goal is to create a transaction that is  economically beneficial to our client as well as making the process as smooth as possible with both renewals and new leases.